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Khalid Taimur Akram

Executive Director,
Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared (PRCCSF), Islamabad

February 6, 2024

Celebrating 30 Years of Pakistan Belarus Relations

February 6, 2024

The relationship between Pakistan and Belarus goes back to the demise of the Soviet Union. Independence of Belarus in 1991. The two countries managed to have diplomatic relations on February 3, 1994. During the next two decades, relations remained limited. The diplomatic relations between the two countries had gained momentum in 2015 with meetings between the head of the two countries. Such meetings could provide a foundation for consolidating bilateral relations. The first phase of reinforcement of the bilateral relations was in July 2014 when the embassy of Belarus was opened in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Government reciprocated by opening an embassy in Belarus in August 2015. Delegates from each country have contributed promote cooperation in recent years Official visits started with the visits of Alexander. In May 2015 Lukashenka traveled to Pakistan. In August of the same year, the former Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited Minsk. Other senior officials Visits including one in November 2015, former Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov. Other encounters comprised President Lukashenko meeting with former President Mamnoon Hussain at the OIC on the sidelines the summit in Istanbul April 2016. There was also interplay in other international platforms like SCO 2019 Bishkek, in between President Lukashenko and Prime Minister Imran Khan. Another direct contacts between the parliaments of both countries and with few visits of parliamentary delegations since 2017.

Parliamentarian have also formed some friendship groups to improve communications and ease cooperation between the two nations. Due to these direct high official visits, over 80 MOU, documents, protocols, declarations and agreements were concluded between the countries, encompassing cooperation in different areas, including economic activities. The direct contact between the leaders of both countries fortified the bilateral relations.

Foreign Policy Objectives:

Gauging Potential in analyzing the key features of the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Belarus, it can be concluded that they are comprehensive economic cooperation. Both countries have also sought closer business-to- business relations within the private and public sector’s boundaries.

Pakistan and Belarus have also diplomatically supported each other at several international forums. They have concentrated on various other paths cooperation, including strategic-defence cooperation, aimed at promoting inter-regional cooperation. None of this would be possible without a robust, wide and comprehensive legal framework of cooperation after that economic cooperation.

To further develop these institutional mechanisms, economic relations, Pakistan-Belarus Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation was also established in 2015 and has conducted five sessions. High officials Headed by Abdul Razak Dawood from their respective governments.
Prime Minister’s Commerce, Textiles, Industry-Production Advisor. Viktor Karankevich, Minister of Energy. The formation of Joint Working JWG concentrates on Industrial Cooperation, Agriculture Cooperation, and Science and Technology. Two sessions of Joint Working Four groups on Industrial Cooperation and three groups on Agricultural Cooperation. There have also been cooperation in Science and Technology between the two states. There are also a number of forums to facilitate and institutionalize close business communities of the two countries working together.

Enhancing a Progressive Political and Economic Framework

These comprise the Pak-Belarus Business and Investment Forum, Pak-Belarus Agricultural Forum and the Pak-Belarus Joint Business Council. In 2019 the bilateral turnover of trade between Pakistan and Belarus was around $50.2 million, with the exports of about $15.1 million from Pakistan including imports from Belarus which amounted to $35.1 million, indicating a trade balance in favor of the country $20 million for Belarus. Despite the pandemic of Covid-19 the economic relationship between the two countries remained continuous mechanisms in place, with a trade turnover of around $ 52 million. Belarus exports being around $37 million and Pakistan’s exports being around $15 million. The agricultural-related machinery like tractors is exported by Belarus and the food products whereas Pakistan exports basmati rice, fruits and vegetable, leather goods, and textiles. There has also been military cooperation and dialogue between officials since both states have significant interests in improving cooperation in the defensive field.

It is observed that the political engagement between the two countries has developed a legal system that is outlined to form stronger economic ties further. The economic trade turnover has been progressive from both states have to maintain the high level visits also serve as academic catalysts. The current mechanism between the foreign ministries of Pakistan and by the Bilateral Political Consultations, the regular sessions are however, the phases that Belarus must keep on with a view to finding the means of making the relationship better. For better cooperation in all fields, both nations should utilize the mechanism such as Inter-Parliamentary and Inter-Regional Cooperation, the economic aspect also can be further strengthened between the two countries. The economic trade turnover is productive.

Each country’s Commerce Councils communicate should find conducive ways to enhance people-to-people contacts, communication, and cooperation between the business communities of each country. The bilateral political consultations have already laid out a basis for the economic cooperation between the two states. In this regard, the Joint Economic Commissions can create a forum for more broader economic cooperation beyond the current trading guidelines and products. There is room for increasing exports from Pakistan and Belarus to expand beyond joint ventures between companies. The idea of direct marketing and 116 participation in international trade exhibitions can get first-hand knowledge and opportunity to engage regionally. Pakistan and Belarus can also work towards building inter-regional cooperation and collaboration through bilateral and multilateral channels. A clear example is the fact that both countries are part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and have megaprojects associated with this economic project. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the China Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park are connected under the Belt & Road Initiate. Therefore, in the long term, it can create connectivity beyond borders. Belarus is a vital hub in the Eurasian region, while Pakistan has a strategic position in South Asia, connecting it to the Middle East, Indian Ocean, and the Far East Asian countries. Thereby, there are many opportunities to reinvigorate and stimulate economic and political partnerships and enhance regional cooperation. In this aspect, the soft components include harmonization and coordination of cross-border policies. For example, establishing legal and regulatory frameworks for trade activities, custom-tariff policies, border clearance, culture.

Promoting Political Economic System

Promoting a progressive political and economic system testified to their political connection States have got a legal framework designed to make it difficult Economic relations Next. Transforming financial services continues to evolve both countries. Both countries should continue to exchange high quality tourism on a regular basis and they can also provide a foundation for academic growth. Currently, Bilateral political discussions at Pakistani foreign ministries and Belarus should continue to hold regular meetings to explore ways to develop closer ties. The two countries should use the instrument to enhance cooperation in all areas can be delivered through regulatory-industry cooperation. Apart from the political process, the economic side must come first consolidated between the two countries. But there is still a great deal of untapped potential between both countries, especially in order to integrate with the wider Eurasian region. Both countries need to focus on economic cooperation and results-based cooperation. The Chambers of Commerce of each country negotiate and determine its quality strategies to increase communication, communication and collaboration between people among the merchants of both countries.


30 years of cooperation between Pakistan and Belarus by members of the family, celebrated on February 3, 2024, is a symbol of long and mutually beneficial partnership between 2 international centers Establishment of diplomatic relations a sequence that marked positive big milestones, and made cooperation not only in political but economic and cultural fields. Visa abolition agreement on diplomacy and official passports conclusion shows promise a namely facilitating loose diplomatic relations. In addition to the recent focus on strengthening economic and political ties, evidenced by the Pakistan Works agreement of May 2023 a focus on export potential and bilateral cooperation highlights the multilateral nature of the relationship.

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